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The Home Lasers Category: A Review on Super Grow Lasers

The Home Lasers Category: A Review on Super Grow Lasers

It’s amazing how technology could come up with something as creative as laser treatment for hair loss. In the eyes of an uninformed regular citizen possessing sufficient knowledge to get by with life, it is difficult to imagine how red light can make your hair grow. Those areas where already bald!

The great thing about lasers is that they are painless and effortless. The best treatment for the lazy bones. Well, not just the lazy bones, but it is also the best treatment for smart people who knows how to get exactly what they want with their money.

Benefits of Laser Treatment

What exactly are the benefits of going into laser treatment? First and foremost, it can be the ultimate answer to your hair loss because it halts the gradual losing process. Laser also penetrates into the scalp, deep into the follicles, and stimulates them so they become active.  The laser energy can also increase circulating blood supply in the scalp. Now, what is the good with that? Our blood supply is responsible for carrying nutrients to the hair follicles and removing wastes, a good circulation would literally translate to a faster cell division and growth. With all these benefits, you’d be expecting the growth of healthy hair – vibrant, thick and alive.

Delivery Categories

Just a background on Laser therapy, there are actually three basic methods of laser delivery. We have brushes and combs that can have 1-15 lasers, being relatively small in size, they also have fewer laser units and a smaller coverage. They are handheld and can vary from being cordless to wired. Another type of delivery system is quite popular; these are the laser devices set-up in clinics and therapy salons where you pay for a package or per session use. The good thing about them, although they are bulkier, they also carry a good number of lasers.  Around 100 lasers per device.  However, the cost is the dark cloud to its effectively. They are expensive, period.

The Home Category

Now, make way for the third category. Can you imagine? A third category was especially made for Super Grow Lasers!

What makes them different, you ask? These are units designed for laser therapy treatment at home; minus the hassle of transportation to the clinics, minus the overhead expenses, minus the professional fees. Super Grow Lasers comes with a dome laser or a panel laser and a basic adjustable stand to hold it above your head. At least fifty lasers are present in each unit that can penetrate the scalp and this can be absorbed by the hair follicles. These are very powerful products sold at a very reasonable price.

Best of Both Worlds

The good thing about this third category is it sort of mashes up the brush method and the clinic laser method. It’s the best of both worlds. The main concern about brushes is the coverage, the effort in using your arm, and the fewer lasers that limits effectivity. The great thing, about them though, is the easy accessibility and availability. So we take that into consideration. For the big guns at the laser clinics, we give two thumbs up for effectivity but the cost is a real turnoff.  When you do the math for the third category, these lasers are accessible and effective at the same time.

If you’re keen enough to notice, a hands-down choice would be the Super Grow Lasers, isn’t it? Why don’t you give it a try and visit their website to view their products at http://www.supergrowlasers.com.