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Super Grow Laser Dome: Get Your Hair Growing at Home

Super Grow Laser Dome: Get Your Hair Growing at Home

Hair restoration methods are everywhere. These are like rays of hope to those experiencing hair losses at crucial ages.

Whether they are at the peak of their career, or they are in a quest for a long term relationship or they are in their mid-forties, settled in with a family – people who experience hair loss considered it a personal burden.

Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Laser therapy has been used in growing hair.  But wait. Laser therapy rings a bell, but you associated it more with hair removal, right? Laser therapy works both ways, though.

Lasers used for treating hair loss are called Low Level Laser Therapy and it is different from those utilized in hair removal. Take note of the word “low”. Basically, “low” would mean a power output of approximately five milliwatt, this is low enough that it cannot heat up anything even your skin. You don’t have to worry about it removing more of your hair. In terms of wavelength, Low Level Lasers can be found within the range of 630-670 nanometers.

The laser used in hair removal, by description, is far from the word “low”.  It is 20,000 times more powerful than the low level lasers; this is a therapeutic level that will remove hair safely. The typical wavelength for this type of laser is around 810 nm.

Now that the confusion is settled, it’s time to bring our focus to the recent hair restoration methods utilizing lasers that are available in the market. And just to make everything crystal clear, laser treatment is completely safe. This is especially helpful for people who have fears of surgical procedures or anything to do with bleeding, or those who are afraid to apply medications on their skin or take in anything by mouth.

Laser Treatment at Home

Super Grow Professional Home Lasers created home devices used for hair loss treatment. It is cost effective than going to laser clinics where they charge thousands of dollars, and the best results can only be achieved when you are willing to shed off big cash per session.

One of the products for home-use is the Super Grow Laser Dome. Have you been to a salon where they put you under a dome shaped machine for hot oil treatment or something like that? Well, the laser dome is similar in structure to that machine and technically operates with the same principle: you can do whatever you want; you just have to be under it.

The laser dome works with fifty laser two-panel system, it comes as 90 Laser Dome and 60 Laser Dome. With the power of ninety or sixty lasers, these products ensure complete hair coverage. Dome lasers are also recommended for women whose hair loss pattern is significantly different than men. The good thing about these dome systems is the low cost. You spend once to buy a unit, and you can do whatever you want with it in the comfort of your own home. Talk about instant savings.

Lasers are interesting. They are basically light, just in a different color but they can do amazing things to your hair follicles. To learn more about the Super Grow Laser Dome products, visit http://www.supergrowlasers.com.