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Possible Causes of Hair Loss in Women

The Beauty of Hair

The hair is called to be the crowning glory of a woman.  It defines a woman’s beauty.  Having long, straight, and beautiful hair is what most women wish for.  To those who have curly hair, they even put some hair cosmetics in order for it to be straight.  Others go to salon and let their hair be makeover.

In today’s generation, long or short hair, curly or straight are being accepted by the community.  There is beauty in every art of hair.  Too sad for those who don’t have hair.  They will not enjoy the beauty of it.  Sometimes, people who don’t have hair or are losing hair are being bullied by the society – especially in schools and in their respective barangays.

People with these cases buy wig just to have hair.  Others put some medicine or chemicals to make their hair grow.  But what is really the reason why are there cases of losing hair?

The Reason Behind

There are many reasons why a woman loses hair.  It ranges from a very simple reason like aging to a more complex one such as physical condition.  You can lose hair because of stress like physical and emotional stress.  It can also be because of pregnancy.  Losing of hair may be caused by too much Vitamin A, lack of protein, and Vitamin B deficiency.  Almost all, not just women can experience hair loss because of heredity.  It runs down to the blood so you are of no excuse if your family has history of baldness or hair loss.

Another reason why a woman may experience hair loss is the female hormone.  If a woman has hormonal imbalance, there will be a possibility that she will experience hair loss.  It can also be because of certain diseases like Anemia, Hypothyroidism, Autoimmune-related hair loss, Lupus, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  If a woman also experienced a dramatic weight loss, then a woman is prone to hair loss.  In addition to the list, a woman can also experience hair if she has Trichotillomania.  This is a disorder that starts during earlier years before 17 years old.  It is where a woman likes to just play and pull their hair out.  If this happens always then the protection of the hair will be ruined resulting to hair loss.

Moreover, hair loss can be due to over styling.  It can also be because of the anti-depressants, blood thinners, chemotherapy, and anabolic steroids.

As you can see there are a lots of reason why women experiences hair loss.  But all these reasons can be prevented in order to avoid hair loss.  A woman should always take of her crowning glory.

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