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Laser Hair Regrowth: Legit or Not?

It seems that laser is already used for everything these days, to restore a 20/20 vision through lasik surgery, for hair removal treatments, for skin resurfacing and now, it is also utilized to restore your once healthy and thick hair. The non-surgical way of restoring the thinning hair follicles is termed as photobiostimulation, and the use of laser is more recommended and has become a more favored option by a lot of people because it is non invasive and comes with lesser risks as compared to more invasive procedures.

Laser hair restoration surfaced just a few years ago and it instantly created a big buzz and caused a lot of debates between hair loss professionals and medical experts, until now, there are still a lot of people who are skeptical about laser hair restoration’s efficacy. Because lasers have been primarily used to remove hair, and not to aid its re-growth, you cannot blame some professionals if they choose not to believe in this new technology. But how does laser hair restoration work?

The theory of how laser hair restoration therapy works is that if it can stimulate the follicles to re-activate hair cells, then you can get new hair growth, you just have to use lasers with inadequate energy. That is why lasers that are used to restore hair are called Low Laser Light Therapy or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_level_laser_therapy. The laser light is absorbed by the cells, which repairs and encourages their re-growth in return. But according to some studies, laser hair restoration does cannot bring your dead hair follicles back to life, it can, however, stimulate the follicles that are in the state of decline to make your existing hair volume fuller and thicker.

You can get a laser hair restoration treatment from licensed doctors who specialize in providing this kind of therapy, there are also some salons that provide laser services. So how much money do you have to prepare if you are planning to subject yourself to low laser light therapy for a fuller and thicker hair? According to the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, an in office hood treatment that is provided by a medical professional can cost you around $4,000 every year. If you are planning to have your laser hair restoration treatment in a salon, a treatment that includes two weekly session that will take about three to six months will cost around $2, 800 to $3, 500.