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Hair Transplantation: Payment Points before Sealing the Deal

Hair Transplantation: Payment Points before Sealing the Deal

Gradual or sudden hair loss can be a very unfortunate experience. People over the centuries regarded the hair as their crowning glory, flaunting different hair styles, hair colors and haircuts. Losing your hair would sometimes imply losing the freedom for creativity and self-expression.  Losing your hair would often translate to losing self confidence and self-esteem.  Losing your hair can be a symbolic loss of life for some people.

Fortunately, new technology, innovations and treatments are made available to those people who are losing their hair. Hair loss can be brought about by genetics, skin and scalp diseases, infections, malnutrition, chemicals and substances, and other unknown etiologies. People nowadays are given several options on how to relive their hair days. Hair transplantation is one of them.

Hair transplantation is minimally invasive surgical procedure usually performed in the physician’s clinic under local anesthesia. It involves harvesting or moving hair follicles from a donor site to the recipient site, or the balding area.  Strip harvesting is the most common technique, while Follicular Unit Extraction Method is relatively newer than its counterpart and gives a more natural effect using micro removal techniques. The ultimate goal of surgery is to grow new hair from the transplanted hair follicles in a period of two to three months.

Hair transplantation has become a business venture for some medical professionals. Before sealing the deal as the procedure may cost more than your budget.

Here are a few things to consider that may affect the cost of the procedure:

The Price is in the Name

For your hair transplantation, you consulted Dr. X, a well-known practitioner of plastic surgery.  He was the reason behind the rich, full mane of Mr. Y, one of the highest paid celebrities in Hollywood. Gold-plated board certifications and special awards hang on every corner of his clinic. And just recently, Dr. X made an astonishing discovery in the field of medicine that won him the Nobel Prize. Expect a little higher cost in your transplant. Remember, you are paying for both name and skill.

Flashy is Costly

A particular clinic’s ads seem to be popping everywhere; from bench advertisements, to billboards, to magazine pages and even to twenty second commercials in the television. Rather intrigued by the awesomeness of the pictography of the ads, you decided to visit the clinic. You entered the reception area and you suddenly have the grim feeling of backing down. The place of pearly white and sleek black furnitures screams expensive! This might be a factor for the high cost of transplantation that clinic is offering.

The “You” Factor

Hair transplantation cost ultimately depends on the number of hair grafts you need. Aside from that, the condition you have that resulted to hair loss is also a point that needs to be considered. If whatever conditions you may have proved to be a difficulty in the operation; it can be reasonable for the doctors to charge higher. Complexity has a price.

Ultimately, your desired hair results can dictate the cost of your hair transplantation. Surgeries like this need a four to five figured budget. There will be always options. Learn more from this website http://www.supergrowlasers.com. Sometimes, you don’t have to use a scalpel to grow a new hair.