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What’s Up with Folic Acid and Hair?

What’s Up with Folic Acid and Hair?

Your hair is your greatest ally. It has been with you through your childhood, it helped you gain a couple of friends during middle school, it assisted you in getting a date for the prom, and it’s probably a main factor when you landed a job. To think of losing your hair, it makes you want to cringe in pain and horror. It feels like losing a part of you. Well, you are literally and apparently losing a part of you.

In the hopes of saving that part of you, you reached out to the world of information. And folic acid keeps popping up in your searches.

You suddenly have the burning question, what’s up with folic acid and hair? Here are a couple of basic things to keep your mind at ease.

Folic Acid? Is That a Thing?

Folic acid is a waters-soluble vitamin hiding behind its common name, Vitamin B9. It can be present in the body in the form of foliate. This chemical is inactive and does not play a part in metabolic processes unless converted by the liver to dihydrofolate. Folic acid needs to be constantly supplied through the body as this helps in making and repairing our DNA, and it also acts as a cofactor to numerous biological processes and catalytic reactions essential for growth and cell division.  To sum it all up, yes, there is such a thing as folic acid. It is also a very important thing.

Where can I Find It?

Since our body cannot synthesize its own supply de novo, food and synthetic sources are our best options. Folic acid is available in pharmacies, alone or together with other vitamins in capsule and tablet forms. Also, the next instance you buy food from the supermarket, try to check on the food label and nutritional information column. Most of the folic acid supplied to the human population comes from fortified processed food. You can also find it in your fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, dairy products, meat and eggs. Folic acid is everywhere.

Can it Really Make My Hair Grow?

Building on the premise that it is a vitamin, certainly Folic acid should have some benefits on the body, right? Since we already know that Folic acid has some action on cell division, it has also been a known stimulator for hair growth. It nourishes the hair follicles to assist in speedy and healthy growth of hair, also accounting for its volume and shine. Researches further suggest the participation of folic acid in treatment of alopecia and baldness.

Will a Deficiency Affect My Hair?

Yes. Precisely. In fact, any deficiency of vitamins and minerals will affect your body in a lot of ways, it just so happens that Folic Acid Deficiency manifests itself as hair loss or dull, and lifeless hair. A decline in metabolism brought about by missing cofactors will slow down the process of hair production. Just imagine a factory with no available resources and supplies, ultimately the production will come to a halt, right? That’s basically the same with hair.

What about My Grey Hair?

Folic acid deficiency also leads to premature greying of hair. It has something to do with folic acid affecting normal blood circulation thus affecting healthy hair growth.

Folic Acid as a vitamin, is often used as a supplement. You cannot take large doses of folic acid and expect your hair to grow into a bush. For faster and more effective hair loss treatment, visit this website for more information: http://www.supergrowlasers.com.